Alumni Spotlight: Bonnie Fraase

March 27, 2023
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Bonnie Cantwell Fraase, a Baylor University alumna, graduated in 2015 before going on to earn her Juris Doctorate from the University of Virginia School of Law. After completing her education, she returned to her hometown of Houston, Texas, where she now practices as a lawyer. Her experiences at Baylor and beyond have prepared her well for her legal career, and we are proud to call her a Baylor alumna.

We contacted Bonnie to and asked her a series of questions to better understand her time as a History major at Baylor, here is how she responded. 


- How did your history major prepare you for your current career or personal life?

“Studying history taught me to weave a narrative from seemingly disparate facts. That’s basically what I do as a lawyer: collect information and tell a story that captures the fullness of humanity and compels the jury to find for my client.”

- How has your history degree influenced your travels or cultural experiences?

“When I visit another place – be it a different city, state, or country – I try to read a novel set in the destination. By experiencing the author’s world, I have some context for the culture I’m soon to encounter.”

- What impact has your study of history had on your personal values and beliefs?

“In history, we learn that perspectives are many and each merits appreciation. As a consequence of my studies, I’m insistent on hearing the voices of the loud and the quiet, the popular and the marginalized. From each, I have learned something.”


Thank you Bonnie for your responses and congratulations on your numerous achievements!
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