Baylor University Historian Dr. Ronald Johnson Appointed Co-Editor of JER

April 20, 2023
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   Baylor University's own Dr. Ronald Angelo Johnson, Associate Professor of History and holder of the Ralph and Bessie Mae Lynn Chair, has been selected as the co-editor of The Journal of the Early Republic (JER) for the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR), beginning August 1, 2023. In response to his appointment,  Dr. Johnson shared his excitement and gratitude, saying "I am honored to share the Baylor name and reputation with the scholarly community informed by a journal  committed to publishing the best scholarship on the history and culture of the United  States in the years of the early republic."

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   Dr. Johnson has expressed his desire to use his new position as co-editor to "seek, empower, and enhance the ideas and skills of new authors at all career levels." He is also  eager to embrace the expanding digital presence and greater public engagement of  scholarly publications. Dr. Johnson sees his co-editorship as an opportunity to give back  to the community that has supported his own professional success. He emphasizes, "As  an African American who has benefited from the work of those who came before me, I  see co-editing the JER as part of my responsibility to give back to the scholarly  community that has empowered me."

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     Dr. Johnson hopes to cultivate a culture of gratitude at the JER, recognizing the uncompensated service of journal manuscript reviewers and partners. He believes that these gestures can establish and maintain relationships that are more than transactional. They express mutual value and appreciation." He is confident that his skills in improving the writing of others and effectively communicating the merits of revising will be of great value to the co-editorship, and he is eager to give back and help others to strengthen the organization.

     Congratulations Dr. Johnson on this incredible accomplishment!
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