History Department Introduces Student Ambassador

December 19, 2022


The Baylor Department of History is proud to present our new student ambassador, Zoey Babyak. Zoey is a senior with double major in History and Public Health. As a former student office assistant for the department, she is passionate about showcasing the amazing work of our faculty, staff, and students. Here, we interview Zoey to learn about our new student ambassador and what that role means for the department.


What is a student ambassador and what do they do?

“A Student Ambassador is a current student in the program they represent who has been successful in coursework and exemplifies the department's values. Student Ambassadors assist the Office of Enrollment, Career, and Alumni Services in promoting our program to prospective students and families. They also support our recruitment efforts at on-campus and off-campus events and serve as a primary resource for communication with many constituent groups.”

Why did you become a History major?

“I did not initially start as a History major. I started with a History minor. However, after taking one class and working as a student worker in the history department, I knew I wanted to make it a major. It hit me when I was taking this class that not only do I love learning about history, but I love the way the department teaches history. Not only do I love the history classes, but I love the vibe of the department and the professors. The professors are incredibly passionate about what they teach, and everyone in the department truly cares about you and wants to help you learn and be successful.”

What do you plan to do after you complete the program?

After completing my History degree, I plan to go to graduate school for Public Health. History and Public Health are my passions, and there are so many beautiful ways to combine them, so that is what I plan to do in graduate school. While I do not entirely know what I want to do after graduate school, the skills I have learned from my history classes will help me wherever I end up.”