Summer Research Awards for History Faculty

February 21, 2023

Dr. Elesha Coffman, Dr. Robert Elder, and Dr. Ricardo Álvarez-Pimentel were awarded Summer Research Awards for the summer of 2023. These competitive awards are designed to support faculty research. They do not pay faculty salary, but they support travel, student stipends, supplies and other relevant research expenses.


Dr. Coffman headshot

Dr. Coffman, Associate Professor of History, will use her Summer Research Award to return to the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There she will explore the Religion News Service collection, the subject of her next book. Dr. Coffman's research centers on U.S. religious and intellectual history, with a special emphasis on media history.



Dr. Elder headshot

Dr. Elder, Associate Professor of History, will use his Summer Research Award to visit archives in South Carolina that hold collections related to his current book project on the nullification crisis. Dr. Elder’s scholarship investigates the cultural, intellectual, and religious history of the American South in the 19th century.



Dr. Alvarez headshot

Dr. Álvarez-Pimentel, Assistant Professor of History, will use his Summer Research Award to travel to Mexico City and Oaxaca to finish research needed to turn his dissertation into a book. Dr. Alvarez studies the history of revolutions and upheavals, authoritarian politics, nationalism, religion, gender, and race relations as they pertain to Latin America and the Caribbean region.


We appreciate the ways Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences invests in faculty scholarship, and we look forward to seeing the impact of these awards in the future works of Dr. Coffman, Dr. Elder, and Dr. Álvarez-Pimentel.