Behind the Scenes: History Department’s Social Media Team

February 9, 2024
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Have you ever "liked" or shared our Instagram Reel, or wondered "How did they come up with that great post?" Well, we have a great team of student workers, staff, and faculty who strive to fill the information gap between our department, students, and alumni. Our social media presence not only serves as an interactive space to share department news, historical facts, and opportunities for student involvement, but also is the envy of every other department on campus.

Over the last year, we turned our attention to social media communication because long-form messages and emails to our students seemed to get lost in an increasing number of electronic correspondence. Seeking to engage with our students and community, we experimented with various posts and video ideas. Coming up with a good post can be challenging! Our student social media specialist, Reece deGraffenried, explains the attention and care that goes into this daily work:

“I feel like paying attention to what the average college student and what content creators are posting is key; modifying that to fit the department needs makes the best post.”

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With this idea in mind, we managed to incorporate student updates and announcements into trendy dances and well-designed templates. From information about our scholarship offerings to relatable student memes to 90-second history lessons, we offer a wide range of content to our community. 

Thankfully, we have a wonderfully supportive department, full of faculty and students who are willing to participate in our shenanigans. Behind the scenes, a dedicated team ensures the smooth operation of our growing platforms. We would like to highlight some of these team members who oversee the creation and distribution of our content.

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Reece deGraffenried
Student Social Media Specialist
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Fiorella Contreras
Student Ambassador
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Dianne Reyes
Office Manager

This team's work has transformed the Department of History's social media account into a dynamic platform that fosters engagement and a sense of community. Their efforts have undoubtedly contributed to the positive reputation of Baylor's Department of History. If you would like to get the latest department updates, please follow our department HERE.